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What's new - our latest products.

cardboard display stand support for shelves

Corrugated shelf clips for POS displays

Used in retail stand constructions to support trays and build up the structure. Available as vertical elements 1001.0, 1002.0 mini (low profile) versions 1004.0 and 1005.0 and horizontal element 1003.0 .

plastic interconnecting clip for corrugated walls

Plastic lock for corrugated walls

Reusable plastic clip for joining layers of corrugated cardboard. Used in two part boxes. Comes is two versions: with security strap clip 893.0 or simpler version - without the security strap clip 893.1

elliptical hand-hole reinforcement

Elliptical hole reinforcement

Plastic cover for side holes in cardboard boxes - models single part:211.0, two part: 211.1 and closed version 211.2 . Limits the stress on carriers hands and protects the box edge.

paper glued handle with PP strap

Paper glued in strap handle

Paper handle with carrying strap - model 0.95 . Can be glued into the top of the cardboard box being completely flat when not used. The top layer and the strap can be laminated for even more lift.

Product Categories.

Standard Plastic Handles

Standard popular plastic handles

Our most popular products. A choice that is most versatile. Plastic dog-bone grips for corrugated cardboard boxes.

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Heavy Lift Handles

Heavy duty plastic handles

Used for heavier boxes - even 35 up to 75kg. Can be mounted from the top of the box or on the sides.

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Speciality Handles

Special plastic handles

Unusual solutions for carrying of packaging- e.g. self adhesive handle or corrugated case handles.

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Washing Powder Handles

Plastic handles for detergent boxes

Glued in handles with plastic strap. Simple plastic strap riveted with metal or plastic rivets. Expandable plastic straps.

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Reinforcement Elements

Reinforcing elements - backplates, washers.

Reinforcing additional elements - washers (backplates, support elements), elliptical hole reinforcement .

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POP Stand Construction

Retail stand construction elements

Corrugated shelf support elements - horizontal and vertical versions available. Used in display stand construction.

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Packaging Locks

Packaging locking elements

Locks, fasteners, clips to join several layers of cardboard or to close a case, attach box covers.

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Additional Elements

Various packaging aids and elements.

Various elements that are used in packaging industry such as label, plastic cutting saw, plastic edge protector.

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Our services.

Gluing in of handles

We can glue in the paper handles 0.95 for you.

We will soon offer a service of gluing in of our 0.95 paper handles into your box. Automated thus very fast.

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Customer advisory service

Consulting for our current and future customers.

You can always ask us for advice regarding the choice of the right plastic handle for your box design.

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Developing new products

Research and development of plastic handles and packaging accessories

You haven't found the solution right for you? We can design and manufacture a packaging accessory for you.

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