What we do

Our core production interest are plastic handles and other packaging accessories used mainly with cardboard boxes. We are capable of designing new products and manufacturing them. We can help our customer choose the right plastic handle from your portfolio.

Our strong points

We are based in Poland - in the very center of Europe. We can deliver our handles to almost every place - where ever there is a box that needs them.

  • Great quality - proven by 29 years in the market and thousands of served customers
  • Short production and delivery times (products in stock) and very competitive prices
  • Only high quality materials used, and sturdy yet economic design
  • Dedicated and experienced team of engineers, quality management, marketing staff and management
  • Very broad portfolio of handles and accessories - we can design and produce for customers
  • Different colors available - just send us the color description or color code
  • We speak English, German, Russian and Polish

Our Products and Services

Our offer is available for every customer in Europe and beyond. We are shipping world-wide. Ask us for price estimation.

We are a manufacturing company capable of producing plastic elements - mainly plastic handles. We are using injection molding machines and carefully designed molds. The product range includes dog-bone shaped plastic handles, speciality handles, hand hole reinforcing elements, additional reinforcing elements (plates) for our handles, briefcase style handles, bucket handles (also used in washing powder packaging boxes).
We also produce construction elements for POS display stands made of cardboard. These are supporting elements for cardboard shelves - both in vertical and horizontal alignment. They consist of two part joined by a click joint. Can be supplied in different colors matching the colors of the stand itself.
Very special type of a completely flat handle made of paper and PP strap. It can be glued in under the flap of cardboard box to carry even 10kg. When stowed remains almost flat, when used the strap is released and serves as a handle to carry the box.
Following the introduction of our paper handle 0.95 we have also come out with a service of gluing-in of these handles. The process is automated and achieves speed of 1 cardboards a second. The machine is capable of gluing in handles into almost any type of carboard box cutout.
Because we are also a team of engineers we are constantly working on new projects. We are open-minded so we can give you advices on what kind of handle to use in your specific application. Just contact us and we will ask for the details that will help us choose the perfect solution for you. If there is no such product in out current portfolio we will consider designing and manufacturing a solution especially for you.

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The current scale of our business. The numbers tell it all - and they are still growing.

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