Gluing-in of handles - service (under testing)

We soon will be able to offer a new service for our customers - i.e. gluing in of our paper handles 0.95 into their cardboard boxes.

Our special service not only for packaging manufacturers

We have designed and produced a highly specialized machine for automatic gluing of our handles into your boxes:

  • We can carry out this service in our facility with your boxes delivered to us. You get your boxes back with our handles 0.95 already glued in.
  • The speed of the machine cannot be beaten by manual (by hand) gluing. You cut your production costs, and don't need emploees for the gluing-in process.
  • You don't have to care about the choice of the right glue. No need for trial and error method to join the cardboard handles with your box. We take the whole job.
  • The machine can adapt to every cardboard cutout as long as it is within the maximum permissible size.

Gluing-in process

The service includes the following steps:

Prepare your boxes for gluing-in

The shipping company brings your boxes in flat state to our company. Usually the shipment arrives on pallets. Before we can accept your packaging we need to know their cutout shape with dimensions as well as your requirements regarding the time that you can give us to carry out our job.

At this stage we can estimate the price of the service per single packaging - the only unknown is still the glue, which will be chosen if you send us a sample of the packaging. We can prepare a production plan for the job taking into consideration your expectation.

Adapting the machine to your packaging

Based on the dimensions of your box (cutout) and the chosen version of our cardboard handle 0.95 we make the needed adjustments in the machine setup and choose the appropriate glue. At this stage the CSU (Central Steering Unit) is used to setup different process parameters.

This step becomes very short after we have already carried out our service for this packaging design before. So there is a bonus for the regular customers.

Carrying out the service

After all needed adaptations had been made we can start the gluing-in process. It is automated and very repeatable - this is how we can save the glue, because there is always an uniform path of glue between the handle and the box.

There are two glue paths which make the bonding between the packaging and the handle very strong in different temperatures and humidity levels.

Ready made packaging boxes (still in flat state) are collected by the feed out unit and prepared for pickup by the employee who overlooks the whole process.

All the prepared boxes are collected into stacks and put on the pallets on which they had arrived at the beginning and are ready to be shipped back to you or to your client of your choice.

automated gluing in machine adjustment of the gluing in machine cardboard boxes stack

Joining your boxes with our handles

Send us the technical details of your packaging.