Mounting Tool: 224.0

Model Description

Specially designed mounting tool used to help mount the metal ring 222.0 . to the washing powder expandable strap 220.1

Metal clips are pressed onto the plastic strap with help of this tool.

It is sold when the end-user plans to mount more significant numbers of metal rings. It helps ease down the fatigue. It is made of plastic but contains a small magnet which attracts metal rings, keeping them in place until they are put onto the plastic handle.

It is a patented solution.

Model Info

Default Mounting

More Technical Info

Dimensions and cut-out shape in the box are shown below.

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Tool material

This tool is made of plastic and contains a magnet. Our raw material suppliers are carefully chosen and always provide us with the spec sheets of the materials.

Product PDF spec sheet

The spec sheet contains product dimensions, packaging cut-out dimensions, and all other parameters contained in this webpage- all in a compact PDF format.

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