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plastic clip for corrugated walls
Reusable plastic interconnecting clips for cardboard walls

Plastic clip to join corrugated cardboard walls

Mar, 2020 Product, connecting clip

Our reusable interconnecting plastic clip 893.0 and 893.1 are frequently used by packaging designers in need of a solution to join two parts of a box together. Especially when there is a bottom tray and top cover to be joined and opened multiple times.

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low profile plastic support clips for stands
Low profile plastic support clips for shelves

Low profile support clips for stand shelf

Oct, 2019 Product, stand

If the design of the cardboard stands requires lower profile of the shelf our low profile support 1004.0 comes in handy. When additionally the support needs to be hidden from the front - there is our HIDDEN low profile support 1005.0

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supporting tools for mounting clips and rings
Supporting tools for washing powder straps

Supporting tools for mounting

Sept, 2018 Product

When out customers have a lot of washing powder straps to mount they can now order tools 224.0 and 225.0 which can aid them in mounting plastic clips 223.0 and metal rings 222.0

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Gluing-in of paper handles

Service of gluing-in of handles -COMING SOON

Aug, 2018 Service

Following the demand of our customers we have just started offering the service of gluing-in of our paper handles 0.95 into cardboard boxes. Automated process is very efficient and precise. Learn more about our service.

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Glued in handle 0.95

New glued-in handle 0.95

May, 2018 Product

New paper handle was just introduced to our customers. Model 0.95 can be glued-in between layers of cardboard using hot melt glue. Find out what the handle looks like and how it is applied.

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New website

New Website

Mar, 2018 Website

We have launched our new website. We hope you will like it, as we created it with you best experience in our mind. That is why it is responsive, clean and easy to navigate. Find out more about us.