Research and development services

Our qualified staff of engineers is constantly working on new products and service. You can also benefit from their knowlege as we can in some situations R&D products for your need.

Our R&D activities

Based on our experience and knowlege we try to develop new products. These are our capabilities

  • We can design new plastic parts usind 3D CAD software
  • We can simulate mechanical properties of the newly design product before it's even manufactured.
  • You can share your initial idea of a product with us - we can develop this idea into a final design and manufacture it for you.
  • We can visualise the final vision of a new handle in a uniqe application.

Typical R&D process

The reseach and development process usually includes the following phases:

Create an idea of the product

If it's our internal need or your request - it all starts with a draft idea of what the handle should do - what is the purpose of it. Afterwards the first visualisation of the handle is produced and presented to you. An iterative process of shaping the final solution can take just several hours or days depending on the complexity of the future handle.

Develop the final version of the handle

Using our specialised 3D software and knowlege of our engineering team we can design the final shape of the handle - based on your needs. We can influence its mechanical properties and manufacturability by choosing the right material for the handle and by changing different details of the product e.g. reinforcement details, elements increasing handle flexibility etc..

Choose the process and manufacture product

The final stage usually means choosing the right production process e.g. injection molding, 3D printing, punching, blow molding etc. This choice is accompanied by an economical analysis of the estimated prices of the final handle. Afterwards and after all the details are agreed between you and our engineering team - the manufacturing may begin and the final product can be delivered.

3D model of plastic handle in 3D CAD software 3D mechanical simulation of a plastic handle

Let's design your handle together

Share your needs with us - we can help fulfilling them.