Where our plastic handles are used

There is a wide spectrum of possible applications - starting from food industry packaging ending with automotive industry

Where our products are applied

During our almost 30 years of market presence we have been cooperating with the following:

  • Beverage and food manufacturers
  • Advertising companies
  • Print houses and printing industry
  • Packaging manufacturers

Typical spectrum of applications

Usually are products can be used for the following purposes:

Carrying boxes from the top

The most popular way in which our handles are used is carrying the packaging from the top. This requires only cutting two slits in the top flap of the box (in the most simple case) or in the inner flaps as well (in some more complicated designs). There are several plastic handles that can be used for this purpose including: standard 169.0, standard 175.0, heavy lift 385.0 and many more.

Carrying boxes from the sides

Sometimes when a box needs two hand lift - you can use one of our handles which can be mounted to the side part of the box. They usually require some kind of aperture (hole) in the cardboard. Usually they are suited better for extremely high loads. The handles that can be used to lift boxes from their sides include: hand hole reinforcing protector 211.0, 211.1, 211.2 as well as heavy lift handle 572.0.

Closing (locking) cases

Some boxes design try to be similar to briefcases - apart from a top mounted handles they also need a way to lock the opening flap. This is where our locks come in handy. Also, if there are several layers of cardboard that need to be held together - there is 1603.0 lock for this specific purpose.

Supporting POS display stand elements

Cardboard POS display stands need to be mounted - this can be done using a glue but sometimes it is not enough. This is when our supporting elements are used. They can help construct the display stand in the shop (the POS stand arrives dismounted and is assembled in the shop). The click action elements can support the POS stand shelves for heavy loads.

3D model of plastic handle in 3D CAD software 3D mechanical simulation of a plastic handle 3D mechanical simulation of a plastic handle

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