Customer advisory services

We are not only a very strong production facility. We also have a group of skilled engineers ready to help you choose the perfect solution to your carrying problem.

How we can help you

We speak English, German, Russian and Polish so we can listen to your design needs and propose our product.

  • We can advise on the right choice of a handle from our broad product range.
  • We can tell you how to prepare your box so that it can utilize one of our handles.
  • Based on technical requirements we can find a handle for your design that will enhance the customer experience .
  • You can rely on our experience as we have been adivising to our customer for almost 30 years.

Typical advisory process

The advisory service needs a certain communication between you and our staff. This is how it's done:

Understand customer need

We try to understand the parameters of the box content, the packaging construction and its purpose and other conditions - the price, color, the amount of handles needed by the customer.

Discuss possible solutions

We choose several options from our portfolio and present them to the customer. We can specify the advantages of each option. We are ready to send samples where it is needed.

Choose and deliver the right product

In the end we focus on the best solution and explain how it will impact the design. We send an offer and are ready for delivery or production. We deliver the handles as soon as possible.


Use our experience today

Contact us on every stage of design or production.