Strength of our handles

Our handles are made of original materials carefully chosen to meet the design loads. We offer standard load handles as well as reinforcing elements for them.

There is also a whole group of heavy load products, some of them can be used with reinforcing plates.

  • In most situations the limit of load is connected with the corrugated cardboard strength and not the strength of the handle.
  • Our handles are designed to withstand the load even after the box itself might be fractured.
  • The design means the right construction of the handle, reinforcing critical elements of the product but also choosing the right mixture of substrates for the moldign process.
  • We are capable of simulating the mechanical strength of our products - so we can introduce reinforcing features to the the design.

Standard plastic handles

Most of our products are designed for typical packaging loads of approx. 10-15 kg depending on the design.

Even standard plastic handles can have their strength increased by pairing them with a special reinforcement (e.g. 991.0, 882.1) to pump up the load capability of the whole set. Usually the walls of corrugated cardboard box fail when the box is meant to carry very heavy objects. This is when the reinforcements can really help, because they provide support between the handles and the cardboard - lowering the probability of puncturing the wall by the handle.

Heavy lift plastic handles

Specially designed handles for carrying heavy objects.

A group of heavy lift plastic handles which can carry more than usual weights (even 75kg) even without any kind of supporting elements. However, if there is a need to carry more, they can be teamed up with reinforcing elements to make sure the corrugated cardboard will not break.

Choose your packaging load

Our handle will lift your load securely.