Heavy Lift Plastic Handles

Plastic handles for bigger weight of boxes. Mounted from the top or on the side of cardboard. Can lift up to 35kg. Made of special batches of plastic to meet the need of every customer.

Heavy Lift Plastic Handle 385.0

Heavy Lift Handle 385.0

Very sturdy design for up to 35kg of lift for a single handle. Big both in size and its capabilities. Can be paired with 385.1

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Heavy Lift Plastic Handle 572.0

Heavy Lift Handle 572.0

Side mounted two part handle with very comfortable grip. Lifts up to 35kg and rotates around its center for comfort.

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Standard Plastic Handle 882.0.0

Heavy Lift Handle 882.0

The bigger brother of handle 175.0 capable of lifting up to 35kg. Top mounted solution can be paired with 882.1.

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