Plastic Clip Lock: 893.1

Model Description

Two elements (joined together into one product via a thin strip) that allow to clip together several layers of cardboard. It is a simpler version of the plastic interlock 893.0 wich in turn does have an additional securing strap.

The lock is usually mounted to the side of a heavy duty packaging built from two or more layers of cardboard stacked upon each other. Flaps open after closing the lock preventing the layers from separating.

This product can also be used to close flaps of a box using additional layer of cardboard. In any case the lock can be opened without destroying the packaging or the clip, so the whole packaging can be reused.

Model Info

Default Mounting

More Technical Info

Dimensions and cut-out shape in the box are shown below.

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plastic interlock clip dimensions

Product Dimensions

Most important handle dimensions are shown in the drawing, production tolerances may change these values to some extent - e.g. depending on the material properties. If you want to know the tolerances please contact us.

Dimension Value Dimension Value
A: 17mm E: 48mm
B: 17mm F: 28.5mm
C: 9.6mm G: 76mm
D: 56.5mm
plastic interlock clip - cut out

Box Cut-out Dimensions

In order to mount the handle in to box it is necessary to prepare the right slits in the cardboard. The picture shows the appropriate dimensions of these aperture holes.

Dimension Value Dimension Value
A: 60mm
B: 29mm

Clip material

This interlock clip is made of original Polypropylene material. Our raw material suppliers are carefully chosen and always provide us with the spec sheets of the materials.

Product PDF spec sheet

The spec sheet contains product dimensions, packaging cut-out dimensions, and all other parameters contained in this webpage- all in a compact PDF format.

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